A Special Note:

  • To those of you who have not had the pleasure of working with us as of yet, we look forward to CREATE a long lasting relationship with you in near future!
  • To those we HAVE worked with us, it is always a pleasure and honor for all of us here.
  • Our Team would like to thank you for your support in our growth process and the confidence you have expressed in us.

Your Long and Lasting Partner in Conference Management

We value our relationships with our clients and it shows. We’ve grown our business through the years based solely on their referrals and on by partnering with them to produce outstanding conferences time and again.

Our Partners in Growth

  • speaker5

    It’s a pleasure to write a few words about my dear friend, Santosh Raghavan and Suresh Raghavan and his team at Event Factory . I have known Santosh / Suresh for more than a decade and I have always been most impressed by there commitment to work. For them, the project or event they undertake has to be completed without a blemish, within the stipulated time span with all the bells and whistles the organizers and delegates expect and more. I have full faith in there integrity and respect there humanity despite the quality of service they provide. I pray that Event Factory will continue the good work they are doing. I shall always be their greatest admirer and supporter. I am sure that if the opportunity arises for us to hold another event in the near future, we will be in touch with EVENT FACTORY.
    All the best to Suresh / Santosh & Event Factory in all their ventures.

  • speaker5
    Dr. Vijay Vishwanathan

    It was a pleasure to work with Mr. Santosh / Suresh , his professional and a friendly team, He took all responsibilities from the initial meetings right to the final event. Excellent quality of work. I cannot think of a single instance when we needed them and they were not there. Very accessible and very co-operative team. I am sure that if the opportunity arises for us to hold another event in the near future, we will be in touch with EVENT FACTORY.

  • speaker5
    Dr. S E Dhanashakeran

    Experienced in handling medical events, however small or large. Polite, efficient and charming staff. I wish they continue to grow, progress and set a benchmark for other event organizers to follow.
    Best Wishes, always!

  • speaker5
    Dr. Mohandas

    This is to thank your entire team and Santosh for helping us with the recently concluded Conference. The entire Organizing Committee appreciated the professional manner in which each task during the planning stages as well as the conference was planned and executed, You have cultivated a team of loyal, sincere and hard-working people around you who were a pleasure to interact with at all times. Thanks to the excellent rapport between you and the Hyatt team the whole event flowed seamlessly. I wish the very best for all your future endeavors and hope that we can work together on another conference in the near future.

  • speaker5
    Dr . V. B . Krishna Kumar Raja

    I know there are plenty of past organizers who spent so much of their work time on organizing the conference that they had no time for their own research. Thanks to you Santosh and your team, this was not the case for me . I have learned that having a good conference organizing company is essential. I am so glad we decided to hire you and give you so many of the tasks that we thought we could easily do ourselves. Not only did we save ourselves a lot of time, you also saved us a lot of money and your services paid or itself- it was totally worth it.
    On behalf of the team, I would like to say a huge THANK YOU for all your help. The conference was absolutely fantastic! As far as I know, there were no hiccups, everything was perfect. All the speakers showed up, the equipment worked, the vendors were happy, the table topics worked perfect, the food was great, and pretty much every single aspect of the conference was great.
    It was a pleasure working with you all.
    Awaiting for the GDM Work to start .

  • speaker5
    Dr. Zeinou Siradge ( France )

    Santosh is known to me as a Doctor and a Friend would like to wish him and his team for all future projects and would like to thank him for all the Help and arrangements he me for us in when we were in INDIA , If opportunity arises for me to hold an event, I am sure I will be in touch with Event Factory